Pre-Heating & Cooking Vessels


TF-1250 1.jpgTF-1250 2.jpgTF-1250 3.jpgTF-1250.jpgVasca di cottura-Tuffatrice  1000-1250-1500 litri.jpegVC-1250 1.jpgVC-1250 2.jpgVC-1250 3.jpgVC-1250.jpg


  • Constructed in stainless steel and with insulated walls
  • Dimensions from 1000, 1250 & 1500 liters with a motorized rotating plate
  • Pneumatic discharge door and two pneumatic lids. Along with a bin lifter for standard bins
  • The rotating plate ensures the mixing of the material in the vessel during processing
  • The working cycles of the machine are automatic and customizable
  • Water is heat by direct steam injection
  • Unless otherwise requested, comes complete with electrical panel wired with stainless steel cabinet, requiring only to start the final connections to the networks of power
  • The capacity of the unit is considered to be around 25% -30% of the total volume