Rectangular Cooking Vessels

Vasca di cottura rettangolare 2500 litri recupero di condensa.jpegVasca di cottura rettangolare 2500 litri vapore a perdere.jpeg

  • The unit is manufacture in stainless steel and has insulated walls
  • Rectangular tank of 2500 liters
  • They are equipped with internal basket and insulated lid operated by hydraulic cylinders along with its control power unit
  • Heating water either via direct steam or with a stream return system
  • Because of their shape, are suitable for incorporation in line
  • When loading is recommended to use a forklift or a suitable tilting system
  • Unless otherwise requested, comes complete with electrical panel wired with stainless steel cabinet, requiring only installing the final connections to the main power
  • Unless specifically mentioned, Ollari e Conti does not provide hoists or cranes and any cross beams to support lifting apprentices not supplied by us
  • The capacity of each model is considered to be around 25% -30% of the total volume