Pneumatic Conveyors (Blow Pots)


145.jpg178.jpg358.jpg359.jpgTP100A.jpgTP130A.jpgTrasportatore Pneumatico TP100a.jpegTrasportatore Pneumatico TP130a.jpegTrasportatore Pneumatico TP200c.jpegTrasportatore Pneumatico TP300c.jpegTrasportatore Pneumatico TP48b1a.jpegTrasportatore Pneumatico TP48b2a.jpegTrasportatore Pneumatico TP48b3a.jpegTrasportatore Pneumatico TP48ba.jpegTrasportatore Pneumatico TP500c.jpegTrasportatore Pneumatico TP500c1.jpegTrasportatore Pneumatico TP65b1a.jpegTrasportatore Pneumatico TP65b2a.jpegTrasportatore Pneumatico TP65b3a.jpegTrasportatore Pneumatico TP65b4a.jpegTrasportatore Pneumatico TP65ba.jpegTrasportatore Pneumatico TP70a.jpeg

The Ollari e Conti pneumatic conveyors are used for the transport, through pipes, of liquid and solid soft tissue products in the food industries and in the slaughter lines:

  • Possibility of crossing to any room
  • High Transport speed
  • Limited maintenance costs

Ollari & Conti produces pneumatic conveyors from 50 to 500 liters (link) for general applications or for specific applications such as the transport of cattle hides (model TP130/c) and ground bone. They consist of a stainless steel tank and a pneumatic guillotine valve, having the housing id cast iron body or in stainless steel depending on the application.

They are equipped with electro-pneumatic control panel (not connected to the unit) built in a stainless steel cabinet with low tension 24V, single phase and for a maximum of 8Bars.

The operation cycle can be conducted manually by pressing the two buttons simultaneously or in automatic mode.

Ollari & Conti does not provide compressors and storage tanks for the supply of air for the pneumatic conveyors.

The air consumption needed for each transport is calculated:

  • the linear volume of the piping x the distance + the volume of the unit x 1.10