Screens & Filters, MOD. MICAF.


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  • The drum screen is a machine suitable for the separation of solid-liquid. Based on the type and scope of the sewage to be treated, can be provided with drums of different lengths / widths and with filtering surfaces with holes or slots from 0.25mm up to 2.5mm
  • It is equipped with a tangential scraper blade wich is fixed or mobile. The screen with a mobile blade is recommended for the treatment of sewage particularly dense or with suspended particles such that they can clog the filtering drum of a traditional screen. The particular movement of the scraping blade against the drum in rotation and with the internal high-pressure washer allows a constant cleaning of the drum and an improvement of the performance of the machine
  • The unit does not require labor for the operation
  • The unit can be used in nurerous sectors of the food industry, the industries for processing of fruits and vegetables, indus-tries for the processing of meat and fish and slaughterhouses. Other areas of use can be tanneries, paper mills and winer-ies. In civil matters it is used in water treatment and sludge
  • It can be used for the treatment of waste water from the Ollari e Conti centrifuges
  • Unless otherwise requested, comes complete with electrical panel wired with stainless steel cabinet, requiring only in-stalling the final connections to the main power