Hot Water Recycling and Filtration MOD. ST222

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  • This unit is designed to filter out large solids for teh purpose of re-cycling the hot water for casing lines machines.
  • According to the type and scope of the sewage to be treated, the unit is fitted with drum screen separator of different slots and/or holes.
  • The unit is equipped with a pump to deliver the waste watr to the unit where the water passes through the filter drum and is collected in a holding tank then pumped directly back to the casing line machine.
  • The drum screen is equipped with an internal scapper to remove the solids from the drum and an externa paddle to remove the fat from the standing water in the tank. The drum is also cleaned externally with a high pressure water spray to increase the performace
  • The water temperature in the tank can be maintained constant by replenishing it with fresh hot water to maintain a low delusion rate or if requested by steam.
  • Attention, the model ST222 performs only to seperate solids for the purpose of re-cycling NOT to purifier the water to a potable state.
  • The machine can 'be used to filter the liquid processing waste to be sent to the treatment plant as well.