Automatic Hog Viscera Chain Conveyor / Hog Bung (Fatend) Flushing System MOD.VGA1250

The machine is a 2 in 1 unit suitable to transport and individually segregate the entire pig intestinal package, including the separation of the stomach, spleen, net fat, bladder, fatends (bungs), pancreas, duodenum, small and large intestine and at the same time for the individual manual de-fatting by the worker, separation of the organs attached, automatic manure flushing and automatic cutting of the crown along with easy disposal of the waste product.

Includes the following:

  • A support structure in stainless steel
  • Receiving and Loading Table
  • S/S vertebrae chain
  • The chain is supported by appropriate guides, resting on an appropriate structure which depending on the needs of the customer can be equipped with slides and/or conveyor belts. The speed of the chain is adjustable by an inverter to match the production capacity of the plant. In combination with a support rail the chain carries the intestinal parcel through all processing areas of the unit where the operators perform various operations until the discharge of the residual at the end of the chain itself. The rendered material can be downloaded in a pneumatic conveyor, or other systems of transport
  • Special Injector Nozzles to support of the rectum mounted on the vertebrae chain with stainless steel guides to support the rectum throughout the rotation, while at the first curve automatically allowing the injection of water to flush the rectum. Mechanical/Automatic water injection system for the flushing. Motorized circular blade to cut the rectums crown. Motorized brush to remove the crown from the nozzles

The unit is also equipped with:

  • Automatic Self-Cleaning system for the chain
  • Security Barriers along the unit

The machine can be connected in line with a variety of the O&C machinery:


  • The machine can be equipped with belts, chutes, pumps, pneumatic conveyor for the transport of the product and waste
  • The unit is shipped in section for easy installation.
  • Unless otherwise requested, comes complete with electrical panel wired with stainless steel cabinet, requiring only installing the final connections to the main power

Technical Characteristics:

  • 400v, 3phase, 50hz, 2.85Kw
  • Water Consumption: 100 liters/min
  • Up to 1250 heads per hour