Hog Viscera Rotating Tables


Tavoli Rotanti TR1200-TR1700-TR2000.jpegTAVOLOROTANTE 1.jpgTAVOLOROTANTE 2.jpg

The table is suitable to transport and individually segregate the pig intestinal package for the separation of the small intestine and the disposal of the large intestine

Constructed entirely of stainless steel, are constituted by a bearing structure with adjustable feet, on which rotates a circular conical table top, rotating on plastic guides and motorized reducer via coaxial. The table top is equipped with toothed edge of made of food grade plastic and is equipped with a central hole for the discharge of waste in which our pneumatic conveyor can be installed.

Varies Available Dimensions:

  • 1.2 m, model TR1200
  • 1.7 m, model TR1700
  • 2 m, model TR2000
  • Or size on demand

Unless otherwise requested, comes complete with electrical panel wired with stainless steel cabinet, requiring only installing the final connections to the main power

Technical Characteristics:
400v, 3phase, 50hz, 0.5Kw