Fatend Inverters MOD.8-A1 and 8-A2


8A.jpgRovescia gentili 8a manuale.jpegRovescia gentili 8a pneumatico.jpegRovescia gentili 8a2.jpegRovescia gentili 8av verticale.jpeg

  • The unit is designed to invert the Hog Fatends (Bungs)
  • It is constructed in stainless steel where the cylindrical tank is mounted on a support structure. The unit is equipped with a vacuum pump
  • When producet is placed at the opening of the inlet pipe, holding it for a few seconds, it is invertered into the chamber
  • The chamber is equipped with a door (manual or pneumatic) and when full the worker empties the chamber by opening the door and tilitling the chamber manually
  • Unless otherwise requested, comes complete with electrical panel wired with stainless steel cabinet, requiring only in-stalling the final connections to the main power
  • On request the unit can be mounted on a vertical structure
  • It can be equipped with a single (Form 8-A1) or double (Mod.8-A2) suction chamber