Automatic inline pork stomach splitter & washer


LAS15 1.jpgLAS15 2.jpgLAS15 3.jpgLinea lavorazione stomaco suino LAS15.jpegLinea lavorazione stomaco suino LAS30.jpegLinea lavorazione stomaco suino LAS35.jpeg

  • The line is designed to splitting and pre-washing the pork stomachs, then degreasing and de-sliming in the centrifuge machine
  • The unit consists of the stomach splitter model M.A.S. and an automatic centrifuge machine model S
  • The line requires the presence of a single operator
  • The stomach is manually loaded onto the guild bar which is introduced by means of a chain into the M.A.S . The chain brings the stomach towards the circular blade, which will split the stomach and at the same time water nozzles will provide a pre-washing. Then the chain drags the stomach towards the discharge of the machine where the material will fall in the collecting compartment of the loading system of the centrifuge which then will be loaded automatically and then the washing cycle will begin
  • Unless otherwise requested, comes complete with electrical panel wired with stainless steel cabinet , requiring only to the final connections