Centrifuge / Inverter S15+8A

S15-8A 1

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  • This machine is utilized to invert pork rectums and automatically wash the internal side. Installed under the vacuum chamber is our centrifuge model S15, where there is a guillotine valve mounted in the middle of the inlet
  • The vacuum system will create suction and applying the rectum end to the vacuum inlet pipe it will be invert by holding it until it is inverted. Then the product accumulates in the holding chamber
  • The pneumatic guillotine will open after a fixed time to load the centrifuge machine, and then close within 10 seconds. Whistle the centrifuge is in operation one can continue to invert the rectums
  • The unit is constructed of stainless steel AISI-304, including the cabinet
  • The unit has polished stainless steel
  • Unless otherwise specified, the electrical control panel is supplied completely mounted on the unit, requiring only the final connections to the main networks
  • Pneumatic Discharge door
  • VDS inverter to control the rotation speed of the plate
  • PLC controlling all operational phases: loading, rpm’s, inlet of water and movement of the doors
  • Pneumatic opening system of the upper chamber for proper cleaning and sanitation
  • The unit does not produce hot water