Centrifuge intestinal gut hasher (mod.TL)

This machine is utilized for the hashing and rinsing of the intestinal package for beef, pork, sheep and horse casings. The unit is equipped with four motorized rotary blades operating during the working phases of the machine in which the intestinal package is cut to release its content and at the same time the water rinses the product. The hashed product is discharge through the side of the centrifuge. The contents of the intestine, mixed with water and a fat residue, is discharged from the discharge pipe on the bottom side of the machine.

Currently the beef intestinal package, due to the ongoing European regulations on BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy), or mad cow disease, cannot be used in any way and is classified as a hazardous waste which must be disposed of and sent to a approved establishment for burning.

The product obtained by the pig intestinal package after worked with this machine is not usable for human food or pet food, while it is utilized for industrial greases, soaps and the like.

Please note that the product is not thoroughly clean and remnants of the intestinal contents are found.

The advantage in terms of volume and weight of the product obtained, which is material to dispose of, is quantifiable in:

  • Bovine intestine (without stomachs), weight up to 50%, volume up to 70%
  • Complete pig intestine (with the small intestine), weight 30-50%, 50-70% volume
  • Pig intestine, only the large intestine, weight and volume by up to 70%

Discharges of waste water from the machine must be sent to a water purification system of the plant.
Evidence of manure, blood, fat will be found in the waste water. The wastewater cannot be used as fertilizer in the fields according to the regulations.