Pork Production

A. The arrival of the viscera to the operators, onto a working table or placed on our chain conveyor
B. The separation of the spleen, the stomach (5) and the net fat
C. Opening and emptying of the stomach (5) either manually or with our mod.MAS, and processed in the centrifuge model S
D. Separation of the pancreas and fatend (8)
E. Processing the fatend (8) manually: external degreasing, removal of the genitals and flushing with water. In plants with high production the processing is performed with the aid of our automatic flusher model VGA1250
F. Inverting of the fatend (8) manually or by our vacuum inverter model 8/A, to perform the de-slimming after the trimming and inverting is done in our centrifuge model S
G. Separation and pulling of the runner (6) with our pulling wheel with model 1/B and placed on semi-automatic processing casing line model LSO, for the production of sausage casings. For low production is possible the use of manual single machines (SO; FSO). The runner (6) is emptied of dung and mucosa then the removal the threads. The threads are emulsified with our machine model 6/A and can be conveyed with the mucosa or separately with our pneumatic conveyors
H. If the runner (6) is intended for food consumption it is emptied with the machine model BSOE
I. Separation of the duodenum
L. Manual separation of the chitterling (7)
M. Flushing of the chitterling (7) of its content with our model 3/A, then inverter and de-slimmed with our centrifuge model S
N. The balance of the intestinal parcel can be discharged as waste by means of pneumatic conveyors